Virus Worm Trojans Spyware Malware Rootkit Tutorial

Virus Worm Trojans Spyware Malware Rootkit Tutorial

Virus Worm Trojans Spyware Malware Rootkit Tutorial:-In  this  cyberpoint9 tutorial we are going to describe about the  concept of ethical hacking cyber programming. And also we will describe that how can we use ethical hacking for our safety.This is the free ethical hacking tutorials: course for Beginners  And why we  use  ethical hacking  to make  more interactive and  secure for our daily life. Best Online Tutorial for ethical hacking.When ever we want to learn any thing the things become more earlier is somebody/tutorial/study material taught us through Examples. Here we have tried to describe each and every concept of  Ethickal and Cyber Security   in the light of  best Hindi  Short tutorial using simple and best possible example. These examples are so simple that even a beginner who had never even heard about hacking and Cyber law can easily learn and understand How  the  Ethical Hacking works in our today’s Technical Field. This is  the best  tutorial/Study Material  very beneficial for beginners  as well as Professional. The Complete Ethical Hacking Course:Beginner to Advanced for Every One!

What is Malware 

Malware : Malware can be defined as a code mainly effects the traditional behaviour of the device or application.

Types of Malware
What is Virus :

Virus is a piece of code designed to effect the system in such a way that the hardware or software working capabilities of the system will be damaged and user will not be able to work on the system anymore.

Note : A true virus can not spread from one computer to another computer without human assistance.

VIRUS FULL FORM=Vital Information Resources Under Seize

Free: USB Disk Security : Zbshare

What is Worm :(Write Once Read Many)

Code which is designed to spread and run from one place to another. Mainly needs to be executed once and then automatically it will spread by itself.
Example: Stuxnet Documentry: Zero Days

What is Trojans :

These are RAT (Remote Accessing Tools), used to infect machines and then gain.

There are two types of Trojans controller used by criminals globally.
1. CyberGate
2. DarkComet
3. Zeus*

Working Types of Trojans
1. Direct Trojans : In this type of Trojans we will create a .exe file and will send this to target with social engineering as the victim will click on the file a certain back door port will be opened most 9999, 1337. Now to get remote access of the machine we want to get the IP address.

For Example: Beast V.20

2. Reverse Trojans : In this type of Trojan the we will create a .exe file having our own IP address as well as a open port of our computer on which the vitcim’s machine will send a request to connect as the victim double click on file.

Example: Sub7 , Cybergate, Darkcomet , Zeus (Web based).

Spywares : Key-loggers – Local Keylogger –  Remote Keylogger
Local Keylogger : Family Keylogger fron

Remote Keylogger: Ardamax Keylogger

Protection from Keyloggers: Keyscrambler

For More About Trojans Click Here:- What is Trojans Virus and How it Work


What is Adware :

These are the malware’s which are designed to get unintentional clicks on ads by infecting code via plugins, javascript, chrome extensions, Internet Explorer URL bar and so on.




How to System Protection from Malware’s

1. Adwares:  AdBlockers Extensions and Plugins (1)
2. Key-loggers:  Keyscrambler (2)
3. Virus :  USB Disk Security – FREE (3)
4. Trojans: You do not need AV. You need internet security suite.
-> AVAST Security
-> Vipre Internet Security
-> Novirus Thanks EXE Radar Pro (4)
5. Sandbox(5)

How to Secure System Configuration

Inbuilt Firewalls
MAC : Settings : Rule Set Block Incoming Settings
LINUX : CLI Based Rule Set
WINDOWS: Control Panel -> Firewall (6)

External Firewalls
-> Zone Alarm Firewall

Process Killing
-> process explorer


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